3 Best Electric Shaver Brands and Product Series

best electric shaver

Electric shaver has been men’s best friend yet men cannot just randomly buy a shaver without considering the features and its best uses. This time, this best electric shaver guide will help every man to make the final choice of which shaver to buy and use in the end. Thanks to technological advances which have made possible of fully functional shaver with a satisfying experience.

How To Choose A Shaver

Before reviewing some of the world’s best electric shavers, it is a good idea to start with figuring out how to choose the right electric shaver. Choosing can be tricky and difficult given with so many different brands and series out in the market. At least, you have to know your specific facial hair, personal preference, and skin type first before making the choice. And, effective hygiene should be among the main considerations. To choose the right one, no need for you to try every one of them because here we have listed the great products of an electric shaver with great features and guaranteed hygiene to choose.

Braun Series 9

braun series 9

Who doesn’t know the Braun electric shavers? Over the years, the Braun has been a very popular brand for men electric shaver with a huge variety of products. This time, the Series 9 products are those we recommend. Braun is a company originated in Germany and none has questioned its expertise in producing electric shaver. The Series 9 products in particular offer build, comfort and performance.

All the Series 9 products are made from the high-quality chrome-finished plastic for sleek, solid and well build look. They are known for being very comfortable. Once you turn the shaver on and start using it, you will realize how this shaver can provide closer shave compared to any other foil electric razors so this is definitely a plus.

What these products use is the four-way shear system that combines the two Optifoil foils, four cutting elements, and floating grills to provide the closer shaving. According to the company, the products can provide 40.000 cross-cutting actions every minute.

Panasonic Shaver Arc 5

panasonic Arc5

Move on to another high-quality brand for an electric shaver, the Panasonic. This time, the Panasonic Arc5 products receive the most attention. These products offer the five blades as their main feature to provide the best shaving experience. While it is true that these products have quite an expensive price, their quality, well-built and performance are not subjected to question.

Today, these products are the first 5-blade linear shavers in the world. This feature means that they are designed with high précised 5-arched cutting elements. And yes, they are the foil shavers. They are all designed with pivoting head similar to Braun along with the same cut action and type of lift from the reverse taped foils. Those features equal to very close shave that an electric razor can provide. This guarantees that the shavers have the ability to get all stray hairs only with a maximum of two passes. Moreover, these Panasonic shavers are meant for wet and dry use.

Philips Norelco Series 9000

Another major brand for an electric shaver, Philips features the Norelco Series 9000 with wet and dry capabilities. These electric shavers definitely deserve the attention they have been receiving until now. From their design, it is easy to tell that they are not some old-fashioned shavers as they have the unusual body shape with nicely contoured grip. This particular design allows the products to be supremely comfortable to do any maneuver around the face. At the same time, it also guarantees a closer shave that every man has been dreaming about.

The shaver head is positioned nicely where it is elevated above shavers’ body to make sure the three rotary blades can tilt, flex and pivot so much easier compared to traditional shaver. This performance is made possible thanks to the 8-direction ContourDetectHeads. It is a particular cutting head with 3 grooves layers to make sure it can get all the hair growing on the face. Any types of hair will be easily shaved including the stubborn and long strands that have been left untouched. The shavers also come with another super feature known as Super Lift and Cut Action dual blade system. It is particularly built into the heads to allow the shaver to perform perfect shaving for jaw and neck.

With all those three different brands of best electric shaver on your list, it must be easier for you to make the final choice according to your preference.