List of Our Best Double Edged Razors

Merkur Vision. A Jennifer Lawrence of safety razor world

We think the best double edge razor and you’ll be the one to judge which razor deserves to be the top among the best, but before we list our picks, we’re going to tell you what makes a double edge razor good and deserve to be on our list. Whether you want to call it safety razor or double-edged razor, both are actually the same thing, so next time you’re talking about safety razor while your friends are talking about the double-edged razor, know it that you both are talking about the same thing.

Double-edged razor is relatively old and has been around for more than 100 years, which revolutionized the way we shave. Before, shaving was a pretty dangerous business and also quite expensive. Not everyone can afford to buy themselves a razor, that time, still a straight razor. Straight razor often made from the finest materials, often made from metals like silver or bronze. Handles were also made by rare, exotic, materials, even ivory, or bone. Gentlemen who wanted to shave would usually go to a barbershop instead of shaving at home. Plus, if your razor was broken, rusty, or dull, then you should immediately purchase a new razor.

Plus, shaving was quite a dangerous business. Other than the possibility of your barber might be Sweeney Todd (well, this is not real anyway), straight razor is the true definition of close shaving. So, close that the risk of slitting your throat is always open. Imagine, back then, the light wasn’t even good, and in some condition, your house might be so cold and your hands are shivering. And you need to shave with a razor that literally had no barrier between you and your skin. Although shaving with a straight razor actually shaves, not so much horror as I describe here, still it’s quite difficult to shave on your own, so better leave it to the professional.

So, thanks to William Henson and Gillette, shaving is now much more safe and reliable, and of course, cheap.

Basically, double edge razor or safety razor is a razor that utilizes with a single razor blade with two sharp sides, one of each side of the handle. And this razor is safe because between your skin and blade is protected with a plastic guard or other material.

While this is a relatively safe and reliable product, Double-edged razor is starting to lose its fans, due to the invention of much faster shaver with the multi-blade instead of just two and also, an electric shaver is the biggest threat for all double-edged razor.

But loyal fans have their own reason to keep shaving with Double-Edged razor. One reason is affordability, double edge razor is much more cost friendly. Because, well, one blade versus multi-blade. And most of the double edge razors have a better life span. And when it comes to closeness, double edge razor, of course, has better closeness than the multi-blade razor.

Here is our top best double-edged razor :

1. Wilkinson Sword Classic 

Wilkinson Sword Classic

When it comes to price, of course, you need not worry since Wilkinson is truly affordable. Not exactly the most extravagant looking safety razor with its plastic body and handler, but…. well what do you ask for actually? With a plastic body and handle, this razor is relatively light, balance, and safe, though this probably means you need to apply more pressure when you shave and this means you’ll have more risk to harm yourself so remain to be careful. Good-rather mild aggressiveness, good for beginners and might be a cool option if you’re traveling and forget your own shaver.

2. Merkur 33C or Merkur Classic

Merkur 33C or Merkur Classic

Anyone would agree that Merkur is always synonym with good quality double edge razor. No doubt about it. Merkur classic with the double-edged razor, safe and perfect for beginners with mild to medium aggressiveness.

3. Parker 99R Heavy Duty Barberpole

Parker 99R Heavy Duty Barberpole

One thing you’ll notice about this razor is that you might feel intimidated by this razor. Holding this razor might be equal with heavy lifting, as, well, the razor is quite heavy with 3.4 ounces weight. Design special for the man with big worker hands, with longer 4 inches’ handle, this razor gives you a better grasp for someone with big hands, even in wet condition. This razor looks even more manly with chrome plated brass that frames durability. Genuinely safe, but might not be for the beginner. Do you want to look, manly man? Try and see if you can handle this safety razor.

4. Edwin Jagger DE89lbl

Edwin Jagger DE89lbl

Edwin Jagger is another big player in the shaver industry though not focusing so much on safety edge razor, not as much as Merkur of course. Offers a medium price double edge razor, Edwin Jagger is also a good choice for either beginner or pro shaver. Beautifully design, easy on the cost, and offers nice balance and aggressiveness, you might want to consider this to be on your collection.

5. Merkur Vision

Merkur Vision. A Jennifer Lawrence of safety razor world

A Jennifer Lawrence of safety razor world! Look it, not only with your eyes but also with your heart to feel such enormous beauty and get ready to get enamored by the beauty of its design. Well, I’m not joking when it comes to Merkur Vision, the beauty of this razor is unspeakable. a real piece of artistic design and marvelous engineering that might give you a feeling of achievement when having it. Okay, that’s for the look, but what about quality? Well, one thing, this is not something a beginner should try. Not because shaving with this is difficult but the adjustable blade will allow pro shaver to customize their shave method, so if you’re not a pro, you’ll be just wasting your moola. Plus, this razor cost the same as two mid-quality electric shaver. But you can never put a price in luxury.

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