How to Grow a Pointed Beard

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It is one of the most commonly searched information by many men that love growing their facial hairs. Two of the most well-known pointed beard styles are Van Dyke beard and Stiletto beard. Van Dyke is a beard style that has been well-known since 17thcentury.

It was a style of a Flemish painter named Anthony Van Dyke that soon became popular in that time. Nowadays, Van Dyke beard as well as Stiletto beard are still attractive and popularly used beard styles by many men all over the world. There are little differences between Van Dyke and Stiletto beard styles. Van Dyke beard style is a chin beard or goatee beard style with completely smooth cheek sides left. It is combined with a mustache but not connected. Meanwhile, Stiletto beard style is a pointed beard style with cheek sides’ hairs and connected to mustache through small lines.

How to Create Van Dyke Beard Style


You can learn how to grow a pointed beard by knowing the ways to make Van Dyke beard style. Follow some steps below to make this stylish beard look. Shave your face cleanly as the first step. After completely shave your facial hairs, then you need to wait until one week to see the hair regrow. When the hairs have grown in about ¼ inch, you can start creating the Van Dyke beard style. For those who are reluctant to scratches, make the beard style with your existing facial hairs. Yet, you may get more difficult in controlling the final result rather than starting with freshly grow hairs. Apply some shaving cream over the chin, sideburns and also above lip before starting the shaving process. Create a beard style in a circle shape.

Start from sideburns and cheeks shaving; from the area near the ears to remove the sideburns and the cheek hairs. Leave the beard unshaved in about 2 inches around your mouth. Then shave the neck sides and bottom hairs too and stop on Adam’s apple. So you will get the circle beard style that was a well-known style in the 90s. Rinse your face by using water to wash the excess shaving cream and hairs. Check the precision of the circle beard. Apply sufficient amount of shaving cream to make some correction with a razor, so you can see the line well. Then how to grow a pointed goatee? Trim the facial hair carefully from the neck so you can create a neat, small beard. Control the shape by using the best electric shaver or scissors.

The pointed beard will also be easier to maintain by applying some wax. Make a line that disconnects the chin beard and mustache with completely smooth skin. Also, create a pointed and neat mustache as part of the Van Dyke style. Use scissors or electric razor to trim the typical shape. Once again, wash your face to check if you miss some visible hairs. Feel the area around the beard and cheeks with your fingertips. Find any rough spots and shave again when you get some visible hairs. How to Create Stiletto Beard style before you learn about how to grow a pointed beard in Stiletto style, keep your razor for about two months because you should let the beard grow in that period. Stiletto beard style is created by using a trick to narrow down the chin hair and accentuate the point.

The shape can be made by trimming the sides beard shorter and make the line of the beard on cheeks lower. Meanwhile, trim a couple of deep U shapes beneath the mouth to create the eye downwards. It is the whole point of the Stiletto style. To make the style, follow some steps below: Let the facial hair grow in about three months long. As long as the growing period, regularly comb your beard and also mustache carefully downwards. Make a low cheek line by using a trimer and place it in a precision way. Continue to make the lip line as well as a couple of U shapes beneath the mouth area carefully.

Position the longest point of the beard as the center of the shape by using the main trimmer. Continue to trim the untidy hairs away so that defined shape is created. Make a sharp look by shaving the cheek and neck area too. Make perfect the pointing shape by combing the beard toward the point. Use some pomade to make sharper the point. Maintain the Beard style after you learn how to grow a pointed beard and make it, you certainly should maintain the look to keep it in style. Comb the beard regularly. Combing the beard will help to keep the facial hairs tidy and to remove the stray sideburns. Keep the defined lines. The beard shape will determine the general look, so you need to keep lean the beard lines. Pay attention to your facial hairs every day because the beard always grows inevitably. Besides, keep the mustache shape, chin beard and also the soul patch in precision. Use a beard trimmer or scissors to maintain the shape and extend the way. Apply some wax to make your beard fancier.

Use the special wax product for beard and mustache. Apply the wax well by twisting your beard by using your fingers. It will make it look increasingly special, especially when you are going to attend a party or other special event. Make sure that you also wear stylish clothes to balance the stylist beard look. Having the beard style on the face doesn’t mean that you should stop in this style. You can try another style since you can be more creative to change the newly growing beard style. Next time, you may learn more about how to grow a goatee beard in another look. Keep in mind that everyone has a different shape of the face and it will affect how the look of every beard style on the face. So make sure that you choose the best-pointed beard style on the face.

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