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Wednesday, March 29 2017

List of Our Best Double Edged Razors - April 2017

Today we’re going to pick our top list of the best double edge razor. Mind you, this article is written in no particular order, we’re only writing what we think the best double edge razor and you’ll be the one to judge which razor deserves to be the top among the best. But before we list our picks, we’re going to tell you what makes a double edge razor good and deserve to be on our list. Whether you want to call it safety razor or double edged razor, both are actually the same thing, so next time you’re talking about safety razor while your friends are talking about double edged razor, know it that you both are talking about the same thing.

Double edged razor is relatively old and has been around for more than 100 years, which revolutionized the way we shave. Before, shaving was a pretty dangerous business and also quite expensive. Not everyone can afford to buy themselves a razor, that time, still a straight razor. Straight razor often made from the finest materials, often made from metals like silver or bronze. Handles were also made by rare, exotic, materials, even ivory, or bone. Gentlemen who wanted to shave would usually go to a barbershop instead of shaving at home. Plus, if your razor was broken, rusty, or dull, then you should immediately purchase a new razor.

Plus, shaving was quite a dangerous business. Other than the possibility of your barber might be Sweeney Todd (well, this is not real anyway), straight razor is the true definition of close shaving. So, close that the risk of slitting your throat is always open. Imagine, back then, the light wasn’t even good, and in some condition, your house might be so cold and your hands are shivering. And you need to shave with a razor that literally had no barrier between you and your skin. Although shaving with straight razor is actually shave, not so much horror as I describe here, still it’s quite difficult to shave on your own, so better leave it to the professional.

So, thanks to William Henson and Gillette, shaving is now much more safe and reliable, and of course, cheap. Basically, double edge razor or safety razor is a razor that utilizes with a single razor blade with two sharp sides, one of each sides of the handle. And this razor is safe because between your skin and blade is protected with a plastic guard, or other material. While this is a relatively safe and reliable product, Double edged razor is starting to lose its fans, due to the invention of much faster shaver with multi blade instead of just two and also, electric shaver is the biggest threat for all double-edged razor.

But loyal fans have their own reason to keep shaving with Double Edged razor. One reason is affordability, double edge razor is much more cost friendly. Because, well, one blade versus multi blade. And most of double edge razors have better life span. And when it comes to closeness, double edge razor of course has better closeness than multi blade razor. Here is our top best double edged razor.

1. Wilkinson Sword Classic. When it comes to price, of course you need not to worry since Wilkinson is truly affordable. Not exactly the most extravagant looking safety razor with its plastic body and handler, but…. well what do you ask for actually? With plastic body and handle, this razor is relatively light, balance, and safe, though this probably means you need to apply more pressure when you shave and this means you’ll have more risk to harm yourself so remain be careful. Good-rather mild aggressiveness, good for beginners and might be a cool option if you’re travelling and forget you own shaver.

2. Merkur 33C or Merkur Classic. Anyone would agree that Merkur is always synonym with good quality double edge razor. No doubt about it. Merkur classic with double edged razor, safe and perfect for beginners with mild to medium aggressiveness.

3. Parker 99R Heavy Duty Barberpole. One thing you’ll notice about this razor is that you might feel intimidated by this razor. Holding this razor might be equal with heavy lifting, as, well, thi razor is quite heavy with 3.4 ounces weight. Design special for man with big worker hands, with longer 4 inches’ handle, this razor gives you a better grasp for someone with big hands, even in wet condition. This razor looks even more manly with chrome platted brass that frames durability. Genuinely safe, but might not be for beginner. You want to look manly man? Try and see if you can handle this safety razor.

4. Edwin Jagger DE89lbl. Edwin Jagger is another big player in shaver industry though not focusing so much on safety edge razor, not as much as Merkur of course. Offers a medium price double edge razor, Edwin Jagger is also a good choice for either beginner or pro shaver. Beautifully design, easy on the cost, and offers nice balance and aggressiveness, you might want to consider this to be on your collection.

5. Merkur Vision. A Jennifer Lawrence of safety razor world

Look it, not only with your eyes but also with your heart to feel such enormous beauty and get ready to get enamored by the beauty of its design. Well, I’m not joking when it comes to Merkur Vision, the beauty of this razor is unspeakable. a real piece of artistic design and marvelous engineering that might give you a feeling of achievement when having it. Okay, that’s for the look, but what about quality? Well, one thing, this is not something a beginner should try. Not because shaving with this is difficult but the adjustable blade will allow pro shaver to customize their shaves, so if you’re not a pro, you’ll be just wasting your moola. Plus, this razor cost the same as two mid-quality electric shaver. But you can never put a price in luxury.

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Saturday, March 11 2017

How to Grow a Pointed Beard For Men 2017

It is one of the most commonly searched information by many men that love growing their facial hairs. Two of the most well-known pointed beard styles are Van Dyke beard and Stiletto beard. Van Dyke is a beard style that has been well-known since 17thcentury. It was a style of a Flemish painter named Anthony Van Dyke that soon became popular in that time. Nowadays, Van Dyke beard as well as Stiletto beard are still attractive and popularly used beard styles by many men in all over the world. There are a little differences between Van Dyke and Stiletto beard styles. Van Dyke beard style is a chin beard or goatee beard style with completely smooth cheek sides left. It is combined with mustache but not connected. Meanwhile, Stiletto beard style is a pointed beard style with cheek sides’ hairs and connected to mustache through small lines. How to Create Van Dyke Beard Style You can learn how to grow a pointed beard by knowing the ways to make Van Dyke beard style.

Follow some steps below to make this stylish beard look.

• Shave your face cleanly as the first step. After completely shave your facial hairs, then you need to wait until one week to see the hair regrow. When the hairs have growth in about ¼ inch, you can start creating the Van Dyke beard style. For those who are reluctant to scratches, make the beard style with your existing facial hairs. Yet, you may get more difficulty in controlling the final result rather than starting with freshly grow hairs. • Apply some shaving cream over the chin, sideburns and also above lip before starting the shaving process. • Create beard style in circle shape. Start from sideburns and cheeks shaving; from the area near the ears to remove the sideburns and the cheek hairs. Leave the beard unshaved in about 2 inches around your mouth. Then shave the neck sides and bottom hairs too and stop on the Adam’s apple. So you will get the circle beard style that was well-known style in 90s. • Rinse your face by using water to wash the excess shaving cream and hairs. Check the precision of the circle beard. Apply sufficient amount of shaving cream to make some correction with a razor, so you can see the line well. • Then how to grow a pointed goatee? Trim the facial hair carefully from the neck so you can create a neat, small beard. Control the shape by using best electric shaver or a scissors. The pointed beard will also be easier to maintain by applying some wax. • Make a line that disconnect the chin beard and mustache with completely smooth skin. • Also create a pointed and neat mustache as the part of the Van Dyke style. Use a scissors or electric razor to trim the typical shape. • Once again, wash your face to check if you miss some visible hairs. Feel the area around the beard and cheeks with your fingertips. Find any rough spots and shave again when you get some visible hairs. How to Create Stiletto Beard Style Before you learn about how to grow a pointed beard in Stiletto style, keep your razor for about two months because you should let the beard grow in that period. Stiletto beard style is created by using a trick to narrow down the chin hair and accentuate the point. The shape can be made by trimming the sides beard shorter and make the line of the beard on cheeks lower. Meanwhile, trim a couple of deep U shapes beneath the mouth to create the eye downwards. It is the whole point of the Stiletto style.

To make the style, follow some steps below : • Let the facial hair grow in about three months long. As long as the growing period, regularly comb your beard and also mustache carefully downwards. • Make a low cheek line by using a trimer and place it in a precision way. Continue to make the lip line as well as a couple of U shapes beneath the mouth area carefully. • Position the longest point of the beard as the center of the shape by using the main trimmer. Continue to trim the untidy hairs away so that defined shape is created. • Make a sharp look by shaving the cheek and neck area too. • Make perfect the pointing shape by combing the beard toward the point. Use some pomade to make sharper the point.

Maintain the Beard Style After you learn how to grow a pointed beard and make it, you certainly should maintain the look to keep it in style. • Comb the beard regularly. Combing the beard will help keeping the facial hairs tidy and removing the stray sideburns. • Keep the defined lines. The beard shape will determine the general look, so you need to keep lean the beard lines. Pay attention to your facial hairs every day because the beard always grow inevitably. Besides, keep the mustache shape, chin beard and also the soul patch in precision. Use a beard trimmer or scissors to maintain the shape and extend the way. • Apply some wax to make your beard fancier. Use special wax product for beard and mustache. Apply the wax well by twisting your beard by using your fingers. It will make it look increasingly special, especially when you are going to attend a party or other special event. Make sure that you also wear stylish clothes to balance the stylist beard look. looking about more maintenance beard & stylish on http://www.gazblogs.com/.

Having the beard style on face doesn’t mean that you should stop in this style. You can try another style since you can be more creative to change the newly growing beard style. Next time, you may learn more about how to grow a goatee beard in another look. Keep in mind that everyone has different shape of face and it will affect how the look of every beard style on face. So make sure that you choose the best pointed beard style on face.

Thursday, March 9 2017

Best razor for Sensitive Skin

What’s Best To Fulfill Your Sensitive Skin Needs A sensitive skin can be a little bit of a bother when you want to shave your face. You might get a nice smooth skin, but this wouldn’t be perfect if you end up having reddish pimples along with reddish skin, sometimes burning sensation and scratches. This is what irritation on sensitive skin is all about, sometimes could also be known as burning razor. We're was show you how to avoid skin trouble after shaving. When you’re in a hurry, or this is your first-time shaving, it’s common to actually scratch or hurt yourself so you need not to worry. But when it appears often, this simply means you have sensitive skin and you might need to change your razor and change the way you shave. During shaving, you might put a little bit of stress on your skin and it might give some health impact to your skin or might be called skin trauma, ranging from inflammation, burning and sting sensation, irritation, and bumps. During shaving, as there’s more stress put into your skin, over-exfoliation might happen. Exfoliation is the removal of old skin, which is actually normal but when it happens more than it’s supposed to be, over exfoliation might cause unwanted result. Sensitive skin might also cause by skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Others with overly dry skin, acne skin, and scars might also be suffering for sensitive skins and sometimes would experience mild to burning pain during shaving. Your skin might be smooth, but there are millions of dead skin and skin is often dry, even if you don’t have extreme dry skin condition. Unless if your skin is made of porcelain, it’s kind of impossible to shave smoothly and not getting irritated. Avoiding sensitive skin or the results of sensitive skin is no-rocket-science, depending on how much time would you willing to spend to treat your skin. Yeah, you might need stop to laugh or complain to your lady partner as they treat their skin, because you’re going to undergo some skin treatment yourself. This treatment might include scavenging on lady skin treatment product aisle.

Yes, avoiding sensitive skin during shaving could easily be done by changing your shaver into a sensitive skin friendly product, for example, using foil shaver might give you the advantage rather than using rotating blade or clippers, as foil shaver is designed to minimize skin to blade contact, thus decreasing the impact to your skin. But it might be useful to actually treat your skin as changing your shaver might not be that useful. Foil shaver might avoid skin to blade contact, but it also resulted in less smooth shaving.

These are some ways to treat your sensitive skin and avoid razor burn: 1. Always use wet shaving techniques. There are two kind kinds of shaving techniques, first dry shaving which doesn’t require shaving cream or wetting/cleaning your face before you shave. While wet technique requires shaving cream or other cream that might smoothen your skin before you shave. 2. Choose a shaving cream that’s perfect for sensitive skin. The best product for sensitive skin is the one that doesn’t use any harsh chemical as chemical might cause skin burning and give you unbearable pain. Choose a cream that doesn’t use any scent or fragrance. Synthetic fragrance might be the cause of your skin problem. Contains shea butter or any other natural oil, this would lubricate your skin more and smoothen your shaving. And last, choose the one with aloe vera. Aloe vera is good to heal skin irritation and to cool down the burning sensation that you might feel after shaving. You might one to check product for your sensitive skin. 3. Clean your skin before shaving. Use an extra-exfoliation soap product. This would clean your face from old skin that might cause your shaving gone wrong and avoid any dirt to get into and harm your skin. 4. Regularly change your blade. It’s actually blunt razor blade not a sharp one that would do more damage to your skin. You might put more stress toward your skin when using blunt razor blade. 5. Shave in the direction of hair grow. Ever wonder which direction you actually have to take when you shave? You might have heard that shaving against the hair grow direction give you a better and faster result. But unfortunately, this might actually harm your skin. It’s because when you shave against the direction of your hair grow then you might change their direction when you pull it, so no wonder if it hurts more.

If you’re doing all the treatments above, then you might need not worry about the best electric shaver that you used. But to be more careful, you might want to use special shaver to avoid skin irritation. As I have mentioned before, foil shaver might be a good choice since it’s designed to avoid too much skin to blade contact that might harm your skin. But the downside of this kind of blade is you won’t get the best result that you might hope as your blade won’t get to close to your skin. You might find shaver with instant lubrication that would lubricate your skin to avoid too much friction. Shaver like Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor for Menfor example, is a manual shaver that’s designed with a unique Hydrating Gel Reservoir. This reservoir allows your blade to keep hydrate and smoothen your skin each time you shave. If you prefer an electric shaver over manual shaver, you might want to try Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 for Sensitive Skin. This product is designed with microbeads that avoids friction on your skin. Can be purchased on gazblogs.com your sensitive skin or any other skin conditions are not supposed to be the reasons for you to stop trimming yourself. With the right equipment and treatments, now you can shave without any worries that you might get skin irritation and that unwanted skin problems after you shaved.

Tuesday, January 31 2017

How to Choose Best Laptop for Graphic Design

If you are a graphic designer, you must have the best laptop for graphic design. In fact, different laptops may have different specs so that not all laptops are good enough for graphic design. Therefore, you have to know the tips how to find the best one. There are some tips that you need to consider. Then decide the best one based on your desire. Here are the tips that I can share to you all. 

Decide the Screen Size

Firstly, what you have to decide is the screen size. As we know, laptops come in various screen sizes. So, in relation to the purpose of graphic design, it depends on your desire. However, you have to make sure that the screen size is big enough so that you can use it comfortably. There are many people who say that 13 inch laptop is the most ideal size of laptop. However, it will not good enough for you who want to use it for graphic design. If you buy a 13 inch laptop and you use it for graphic design, you may regret it later quickly. In fact, 13 inch screen is not big enough for this purpose. So, the best graphic design laptop must have the larger screen than 13 inches. Most graphic designers prioritize 15 inch and 17 inch laptops. However, you can also consider the bigger options. With big screen, you can see the images on the screen clearly and you can work in graphic designing well. That is why you have to decide the screen wisely.

Pay Attention to the Portability 

Today, portability is very important. That is why there are so many laptops that come with light weight. Commonly, chassis that is made from aluminum is lighter in weight rather than one that is made from metal. Portability does not only relate to the weight. It relates to anything that makes the laptop easy to move and carry to anywhere. In this case, you have to pay attention to the battery life, too. The best laptop for graphic design must have at least 8 hour battery life. It eases you who often use it for travelling or different places.

Glossy Vs Antiglare Display 

Next, we should choose the display. Basically, there are 2 options of display. They are glossy and antiglare. Which one is appropriate for the best laptop for graphic designing? For your information, glossy display usually produces more vivid color. However, some people say that antiglare is better. Is it true? It is right that antiglare display produces less vivid color. However, it is much more accurate. Because of that, we can conclude that laptop that comes with antiglare display is more recommended for graphic design use. So, it becomes an important feature to consider.

Used or New Graphic Design Laptop 

When you want to buy a laptop, you certainly decide whether you will buy a used laptop or a new one. It also happens to graphic design laptop where you need to decide this, too. Actually, it depends on your budget. If you have small budget, a used laptop may be the more reasonable choice because it is certainly less expensive. However, you have to make sure that you buy it from the trusted seller. It will be better if you ask for the warranty or the laptop still has long warranty. Anyway, if price does not matter for you, I suggest you to buy the new one.

Prioritize Mac OS Rather Than Windows 

Operating system is very important, too. It affects the comfort and the performance when you use the laptop. Basically, there are most popular options. They are Windows and Mac OS. So, which one is better? If you use the laptop for general uses or standard uses, Windows becomes the better operating system option. However, it is not good enough for graphic design. The best laptop for graphic design commonly uses Mac for the operating system. That is why Mac is more recommended than Windows in graphic design purpose. Today, there are so many laptops that come with Mac OS so that you can find it easily.

Decide the Model of Graphic Design Laptop

Laptops also come in different models. There are pure laptop and 2 in 1 laptop. If you only use the laptop for graphic design, pure laptop becomes the better choice. However, if you also like using tablet, 2 in 1 laptop will be a good choice because you can transform it from laptop to tablet and vice versa. So, you do not need to buy both laptop and tablet because it can function as either laptop or tablet. If you ask about the best laptop for graphic designer, pure laptop is surely better than 2 in 1 laptop. However, considering 2 in 1 laptop is also allowed. Today, there are so many laptops that come with 2 in 1 design. Actually, 2 in 1 laptop is divided into 2 categories. The first is hybrid laptop or detachable laptop where you can detach the screen from the keyboard whereas the second one is convertible laptop where the screen can be rotated so that it functions as a tablet.

The Best Graphic Design Laptop to Buy 

After we discuss about the tips how to buy it, it will be interesting to know the best option available in the market today. There are so many options but most professional graphic designers use Apple MacBook Pro 15” with Retina Display. It comes with a big screen, portable design, Retina display, and Mac Operating System. So, all the requirements of graphic design is fulfilled. If you want to know the other specs, let’s see air-guatemala.org. Starts from the processor, it uses Intel Core i7. For the RAM, it has 16 GB capacity. And there are so many satisfying specs that I cannot mention one by one. However, there are also many other options that you can consider such as Acer Aspire v17 Nitro Black Edition, Lenovo Z17, Asus ROG G752VL-DH71, etc. Just compare them and choose the best laptop for graphic design based on your desire. Description: Best laptop for graphic design should be chosen wisely. You need to consider these tips and choose the best option available